Associate Professor

Edinburgh Napier University

I’m an Associate Professor in the Animal and Plant Science Research Group (School of Applied Sciences) at Edinburgh Napier University. I mostly study the evolution and genetics of sex, sociality and communication. I combine empirical work on insects such as Drosophila and social Hymenoptera (bees/ants/wasps) with theoretical models, ‘omics, meta-analysis, and text mining. I am also the Commissioning Editor for Journal of Evolutionary Biology. I’m a big fan of open and reproducible science, and so I often write detailed reports like this to help share my methods.

  • Evolution, selection, and adaptation
  • Sexual selection and sexual conflict
  • Social insects
  • Gene drives, both natural and synthetic
  • Biological signals, particularly queen pheromones
  • Science about science
  • Associate Professor, 2022-present

    Edinburgh Napier University

  • Lecturer, 2021-2022

    Edinburgh Napier University

  • Senior Lecturer, 2016-2020

    University of Melbourne

  • DECRA fellow and postdoc, 2011-2016

    Australian National University

  • Marie Curie Fellow and postdoc, 2008-2011

    University of Copenhagen

  • BSc and PhD, 2000-2007

    University of Sheffield